PULP Features

                                  • efficient implementations of RISC-V cores. These include:
                                    • 32 bit 4-stage core 坚果加速器破解版免费 (formerly RI5CY)
                                    • 64 bit 6-stage CVA6 (formerly Ariane)
                                    • 32-bit 2-stage Ibex (formerly Zero-riscy)
                                  • complete systems based on:
                                    • single-core micro-controllers (PULPissimo, PULPino)
                                    • multi-core IoT Processors (坚果加速器安卓最新版)
                                    • multi-cluster heterogeneous accelerators (坚果加速器APP)
                                  • open-source 坚果加速器官网破解版 license
                                    • a perpetual, worldwide, non-exclusive, no-charge, royalty-free, irrevocable license
                                  • rich set of peripherals
                                    • I2C, SPI, HyperRAM, GPIO
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                                  Do you use PULP?

                                  Does your company or institution use PULP? Please, let us know via email info@syew8d.wcbzw.com or send us a direct message on Twitter. We would love to expand our user list.

                                  Meet our mascot

                                  This is our new mascot, Bianca The Bear. She is the successor of Alex The Bear who used to be our mascot. Sadly, he disappeared during the WOSH event in Zurich in June, 2023. Wherever he might be, we hope he is well.

                                   坚果加速器官网破解版 坚果加速器破解版免费      Alex The Bear

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                                  Latest news New

                                  16 June 2023
                                  Our 64-bit Ariane core has found a new home with the OpenHW Group under the name CVA6 and will be taken care of it as part of the Core-V project. You can find the repository 坚果app官网下载.

                                  9 June 2023
                                  seL4, a high-performance operating system microkernel, has been verified on RISC-V thanks to the contribution of the creators of PULP's Ariane. seL4 now achieves comprehensive formal verification on RISC-V without compromising performance. Read more.

                                  8 June 2023
                                  AI-deck, a collaborative product of BitCraze, GreenWaves Technologies and ETH Zurich has been just released. The deck is capable of hosting artificial intelligence-based workloads and thereby enabling super-edge computing on Crazyflie thanks to the GAP8 processor. Read more.

                                  Get PULP now!

                                  • You can get the source code for PULP-based systems released under a permissible SolderPad open-source license from Github now.
                                  • If you want to program with PULP you can get the SDK and use the virtual platform.

                                  Development boards

                                  The following companies sell development boards with chips based on our PULP system:
                                  • GreenWaves sells a development board of their GAP8 chip.
                                  • open-isa.org sells their 坚果加速器app官网下载苹果 development board.
                                  • AI Deck is a collaborative product of GreenWaves, BitCraze and ETH Zurich based on the PULP-shield.


                                  Do you need help with PULP?

                                  We have started an Online Forum. Please register and ask your question. Discussions on individual GitHub pages or the following links might be helpful, as well:

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